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what makes lexco a wonderful partner?


Our business philosophy is simple; build highly reliable & affordable equipment that is easy to use & maintain while treating our customers with the highest level of appreciation & respect.
The company was established in 1998 by our CEO, Jung Young-Gon in Deagu, South Korea. In a short period of time, LEXCO assembled an excellent team of engineers, and with the utilization of their experience, dedication and excellent industrial designs, they rapidly developed their first Strength Line and Treadmill.
By 2003, we expanded our manufacturing facility and designed an entire family of products.
In 2004 we designed and patented our anti-static & maintenance-free deck.
in 2005, we launched our HICALL Strength Line and showcased it at the SPOEX trade show.
In 2007 we designed and launched our C707 Series Upright Bike and Recumbent Bike and participated in FIBO, SPOEX and Bejing trade shows. We were certified as an INNOBIZ company, and were appointed as Promising Export company by S&M Business Administration in Korea, Good Business Company by Bank of DAEGU, and Certificated Good Athletic Goods company & One Million Export Award by the South Korean government.
In 2008 we developed and launched our C707E Elliptical, filed our proprietary treadmill Automatic Belt Tension System with the Korean Intellectual Property Office. We also received ISO 14001:2004 Certificate for Environmental Management System and ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for Quality Management.
In 2009 we were selected as a Venture Company by KTFC. We developed and launched new LEXCO Cardio and Strength line. We had an exhibit at SPOEX 2009 and FIBO 2009 Trade Shows.
In 2011 we were again selected as a Venture Company by KTFC. Korea Conformity Laboratories guarantees our Treadmills, Bikes and Elliptical quality. We had an exhibit at SPOEX 2011 Trade Show. Researched project for self-generating intelligent machine.
In 2012, we were honored with the 2012 Sports Industry Award from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister and acquired Excellent Fitness Equipment Manufacturer Certification. We were awarded the patent for Self-Generating Strength Equipment’s Transmission Device. We were authorized Country of Origin certificate from Customs Office. Korean Industry Safety Test Laboratory acquires ‘K Mark’ certification for LGT9977 Treadmill. Developed and launched C708 Series Upright and Recumbent Bikes. Had exhibits in both SPOEX 2012 and FIBO 2012 Trade Shows.
In 2013, we designed and developed the new LS Series Strength Line with a team of industry biomechanics experts whom worked closely with our Enginnering Team. We introduced an RFID Read to our 9977LS Treadmill for tracking workout progress. We applied for patent for our Sliding Console on the 9977 treadmill.
In 2014, we launched out new LS Series Strength Line. We designed a new Electronic Variable Resistance Strength Line to excel in Rehabilitation and Senior Wellness markets. We began development of a new, ultra-reliable generating system for our Cardio line. The patent was approved for our Sliding Console equipped on our 9977 treadmill.
In 2019, we won both the the Red Dot Award and Good Design Award on our LC7 & LC7M Indoor Cycles.

Above is a picture of our current factory, however due to increased brand popularity, we are building a second factory in 2020 making a strong commitment to our Distributors.



Our products feature excellent quality, reliability and are highly affordable.


Our team is knowledgeable, passionate and ready to assist you with your needs.


Our processes ensure timely delivery and long term customer satisfaction.