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The best of all worlds

The LEXCO LT8xA is our flagship treadmill that encompasses premium features such as a 23″ Touchscreen built on an Android OS with Virtual Reality Courses from world-renown destinations to keep the user inspired.


A Different Approach

LEXCO is an established Commercial Fitness Equipment brand with award winning designs that embody quality, elegance, and ease of use at an ultra-low cost of ownership.



experience the lexco difference

At LEXCO our commitment to our valued customers is designing and manufacturing equipment of the highest quality, with real world functionality and user-friendly features that provide an unparalleled experience.

We engineer our products to achieve dynamic performance, long-term reliability, ease-of-use, and proper biomechanics for a comfortable, safe and effective workout.

What separates LEXCO from the competition is our simple philosophy of providing our customers with excellent fitness and rehabilitation equipment at reasonable prices with renowned post-sale support.



Upright Bikes

Recumbent bikes




plate loaded


LEXCO Fitness was founded in 1998 with the philosophy of designing creative, robust and technologically savvy fitness equipment.

With reliability being our first priority, our product line quickly secured several industrial quality accolades, along with numerous patents

In listening to our customer’s needs, we rapidly started designing our equipment focusing on cutting edge technology and maintaining our culture of ensuring our customers reliable and robust products that are designed to last many years.

Experience the LEXCO difference!


Our company employs some of the industry’s best Engineers, Product Managers, Builders and Assemblers.

LEXCO has such a positive company culture that our team works with excellent synergy and uses the highest quality materials and components to ensure our customers have the best possible experience upon receiving their new LEXCO equipment.

Our factory utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and has streamlined and stringent processes in place to ensure consistent product quality, reliability and excellent aesthetics.


Due to the increased demand for LEXCO products throughout the world, we are currently expanding our manufacturing plant. We have purchased 40 acres across from our existing factory and have already started the construction per the above picture. The addition will be completed by mid-2018.

Our commitment to our valued customers is to provide the highest level of customer service so we continually reinvest in our infrastructure to achieve those standards. The additional factory will only shorten our already reasonable product lead times.